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Annie Hart

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Annie Hart is a New York City-based composer, songwriter, and performer. She made her name with David Lynch favorites and Twin Peaks alums, indie synth trio Au Revoir Simone, and has since branched into a swift-moving solo career.     Between the 2017 and 2022, she released three critically-acclaimed solo albums and completed several world tours. Her minimal pop songs explore the fringes of new wave, pop, and ambient music; and have been called “sumptuous synth-pop’ by Vogue.     Her reputation as a unique master of composition on analog synthesizers has led her to compose the score for two feature films released in 2020: Olympic Dreams (IFC) and Banana Split (Universal). She scored several short films in 2022 and recently completed the prestigious ASCAP/Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop.     Annie continues to break boundaries by composing music for patient listeners in her own distinctive self-taught style. 2023 is seeing the release of several projects, including a commissioned string quartet performance by the Argus Quartet and a solo pop record entitled The Weight of A Wave.  She will also appear in a music video for A. Savage (Parquet Courts). Her North American headlining tour also includes several collaborative shows with comedian Fred Armisen.Support by NatvralAll shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+


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Dolphin Tavern Presents:Klypi:Klypi (pronounced like the Windows paper clip office assistant) is the “pop-star” avatar of AC Carter: multi-disciplinary artist from Birmingham, Alabama. Klypi is part synthpop – part performance art. Now living in LA, and signed to Lolipop Records, Klypi is prepared to release their first self-produced EP in June and Sophomore LP in November of 2023. Gloss: Gloss is an all girl pop fusion group formed in 2020. The band consists of Sophia Grosshauser (vocals/keys), Mollie Schechter (drums), Isabella Amada (bass), and Corinne Kite-Dean (guitar). Their music pulls from various genres including jazz, synth pop, funk, latin and more, leading to a sound that is difficult to define. Though the group is still in its infancy, they’ve solidified their place as one of the heavy-hitters in the Philadelphia DIY scene opening for notable bands such as Pom Pom Squad, Psymon Spine, and Fleece. With the energy they put into making sure that every live show is different and exciting, they’ve gained a sizable following, playing to various crowds week after week.Buddy Crime:a self-actualized, self 3D-printed A.I. who chose the form of a pop starAngel Jelly & America Loves Me: Angel Jelly and America Loves Me are two of the most notable rising pop artists from Philadelphia. They started playing live sets together in 2021 and have become notable for their high energy performances and collaborative chemistry. Check out their latest single together, “Lobster”Doors @ 7pm // Show @ 8pmALL SHOWS AT DOLPHIN TAVERN ARE 21+


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Sloptart Three punk rock kids making you dance and stuff. Philadelphia Brat Punk.Music:   Spirit WeakSpirit Weak is a South Philadelphia punk adjacent rock band. Before becoming a full fledged band, Spirit Weak was a solo recording project spearheaded by Mazz Cardone , who began booking and playing punk shows in Philadelphia in his early teens. Thanks to a nudge from John Maiello of Dead Bars (AF Records), Spirit Weak assembled as a full band in March of 2023 and played their first show in May 2023. FFO Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Drug Church, The Menzingers, Pup & Fiddlehead. Music:   Honey ThunderHoneythunder is an all queer, brown-girl led 3 piece based out of Philly, bringing indie rock with a punk rock sensibility that punches above its weight class. The group just released their first full length album, It’s All Crashing, which can be found on all streaming services. Fans of Screaming Females and Sleater-Kinney will find something to love with this trio! Music:   Attack Dog Attack Dog is a Philadelphia rock band Music: ALL SHOWS AT DOLPHIN TAVERN ARE 21+

Dougie Poole & Tonstartssbandht

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Dougie PooleA country songwriter from Brooklyn’s indie underground, Dougie Poole blurs the lines between genre and generation on his third solo album, The Rainbow Wheel of Death. Rooted in sharp songwriting, Poole’s golden baritone, and the organic sounds of a live-in-the-studio band, it’s a classic-sounding record for the modern world, stocked with songs that make room for everything from old-school synthesizers to contemporary storytelling.The Rainbow Wheel of Death’s title nods to the colorful pinwheel that appears onscreen whenever a computer’s application stalls. For Poole — who found himself working as a freelance computer programmer once the pandemic brought his touring schedule to a temporary halt in 2020 — it’s also a reference to the holding pattern that’s left much of society feeling stuck, unable to move ahead in an uncertain world. That feeling was pervasive when he began writing these nine songs, finishing the first handful of tracks in his New York City bedroom and wrapping up the songwriting process in the recording studio itself, this time surrounded by a band of collaborators and instrumentalists.Once hailed as the “patron saint of millennial malaise” for his sardonic wit and topical, tongue-in-cheek songwriting, Poole broadens his reach here. He fine-tunes his genre-bending approach to country music, too, with The Rainbow Wheel of Death reaching far beyond the genre’s boundaries for new sounds and unexpected textures. “High School Gym” builds a bridge between 2020s lo-fi textures and 1980s pop vibes, while “Must Be In Here Somewhere” — whose narrator sits at a lap top, searching through “every server burning in North Carolina” for a digital souvenir of a long-lost relationship — mixes modern concerns with classic country instrumentation. If records like 2017’s Wideass Highway and 2020’s breakthrough release The Freelancer’s Blues told stories about uninspired Millennials languishing in dead-end jobs and no-good relationships, then The Rainbow Wheel of Death focuses on more universal issues like mortality, love, and the passing of the time.With The Rainbow Wheel of Death, Dougie Poole breathes new life into country music, retaining the acclaimed elements of his previous work — drum machines, acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and his deep-set voice — while pushing toward something warm, organic, and prismatic.TonstartssbandhtAndy and Edwin Mathis White are the duo known as Tonstartssbandht. They began in August of 2007 in their hometown of Orlando, Florida. Soon after, Andy and Edwin moved to their new respective homes in Montreal and New York City. In these two cities Tonstartssbandht continued under the restraint of solo writing, recording, and e-mailed collaboration. This method of songwriting and exchange was carried through on their three self-released 2009 albums, An When, Dick Nights, and Maihama. After bringing the split psyche sets on the road, the focus eventually shifted toward a streamlined live instrumentation involving their voices and analog ware. As Tonstartssbandht continued touring, the recording never stopped. Full set live cassettes followed with Nantes, Hanoi, and Christchurch. After moving back to Orlando in early 2016, their home studio album Sorcerer was finally completed and released via Mexican Summer the following year. The duo spent the pandemic writing new material after a touring hiatus and are issuing a new LP in the fall of 2021 alongside a full North American Tour.Supported By: Bobby Lee & the Hubba Hubbas

Laura Hickli

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Laura HickliLaura Hickli (Mohkfnstsis/Calgary) is an internationally touring baroque pop songstress known for her dreamy, tightly-arranged soundscapes, exquisite vocals, evocative lyrics and her emotionally powerful performances. A classically trained pianist and member in several award-winning musical projects including Carla J. Easton and 36?, Hickli’ s latest material has struck a spellbinding balance of spectral intimacy and bombast explosivity.Described as ‘indomitable,’ Laura Hickli will shatter any expectations of the way a piano should be played, a voice should be lifted, or a life should be lived.The Goodbye PartyThe Goodbye Party is the solo moniker of songwriter/instrumentalist Michael Cantor. He writes pop songs, refracted through atmospheric soundscapes and cassette tape noise. Rose LeeEmerging electronic artist Rose Lee has been playing music since she can remember. Hailing from Kensington, Philadelphia and the daughter of a jazz musician and a visual artist, Rose came up fully immersed in Philadelphia’s rich Jazz and arts culture. This has been a driving force in her creativity, which not only transcends music, but continues to break down walls merely by existing outside genre norms.All shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+


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N.W.ASupport TBAAll shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+

The Sonder Bombs

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The Sonder Bombs ​​Like moonlight bouncing through the leaves of an old oak, the newest piece in The Sonder Bombs’ ever transforming portfolio shimmers through the fog to reveal a new era for the band. In making peace with mortality, “The Star” reflects and embraces the power of losing control.  Through navigating an industry built to suppress and exploit artists, songwriter/vocalist Willow Hawks croons the question, “will you see me for who I am? Not for what you bought.” Mixed by Sarah Tudzin (of Illuminati Hotties) “The Star” highlights everything we already cherish about TSB while gifting us so much more to obsess over. Self-funded & self-released, The Sonder Bombs are only interested in carving their own way through the woods, straight to center stage. The Ophelias  After the critically acclaimed Almost opened The Ophelias to a world beyond their Cincinnati home in 2018, the indie rock quartet craved a return to a sense of community. “It was surreal for this time capsule of events and feelings, songs written early in college, to be reviewed in outlets like the New York Times,” recalls vocalist/guitarist Spencer Peppet (she/her). The band members no longer lived in the same city—Peppet and new bassist/longtime music video collaborator Jo Shaffer (they/them) live in New York, while drummer Mic Adams (he/him) and violinist Andrea Gutmann Fuentes (she/her) remained in Ohio. In the time since Almost, a fair amount changed: the band members all graduated from college, Shaffer joined as the new bassist, and Adams came out as transgender and started HRT. So when it came time to record the candid, expansive Crocus (due September 24th via Joyful Noise Recordings), The Ophelias purposefully focused on the experimental, communal spirit that fueled their first record. Through songs equally infused with references to the Bible and The Twilight Zone, The Ophelias wring mystic emotion out of the spaces between their past, present, and future.The Ophelias’ growth has been marked — so much has transformed and been rebuilt that the Ophelias feel like they’re eagerly reintroducing themselves to the world. “Crocus represents that state of flux, between dreaming and reality or internal reflection and external action,” Peppet says. “I had to wring this all out of my chest, and doing that is very vulnerable. But being in a band with such a strong sense of community, trust, care, and love makes that process a lot easier.” All shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+

Robber Robber

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Robber Robber: Burlington VT’s Robber Robber are purveyors of slimy, cerebral post-gunk, soaked in deadliest poisons and deep fried in diesel fuel. The bass is like a broken transmission, the guitars like a bucket of loose bolts, the drums ready to rattle the lugs right off the hub. Pair that with scorching vocal delivery and you’ve got the whole bitch.Heatloaf: Heatloaf is a soft rock project based in philly. composed of margot whipps (vocals & guitar), beck picone (bass), pax martyn (guitar & vocals), and raven bell (drums).   Lola Star: ☆Lola Star★ is the recording project of Brenna Gonzalez and Dan Poppa (waveform*/People I Love). Based in NYC, Lola Star originated in the winter of 2022 with their first release, a surprise-drop self-titled EP, commemorating the 1 year anniversary of the pair. Eventually, a live band formed with the originating members including James Keegan (kitchen/the loners) on bass and Avery Kaplan (waveform*/red) on drums.    This remains the lineup to this day while continuing to play live shows and recording their debut LP to be released on Julias War Records. Julia’s War first teamed up with Lola Star in 2023 with the double single release of ‘Waiting’ + ‘Winter’.All shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+  

Hotel Fiction

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Hotel Fiction:Hotel Fiction is an Athens, Georgia-based band comprised of Jade Long and JessicaThompson. Both women have been playing music for over ten years and began writing,performing, and playing together in January 2019. In August of that year, Hotel Fiction releasedtheir debut single “Astronaut Kids” which received a warm welcome from the indie scene, andwent on to amass over 2 million global streams.Hotel Fiction’s sound has often been described as genre-fluid, with indie, pop and rockinfluences. With Jade’s dynamic vocals and piano, and Jessica’s complementary lead guitar andharmonies, the two create a sound that invites listeners to settle in and stay a while. For HotelFiction, the no vacancy sign is never illuminated, everyone is accommodated here.During quarantine, the two finished recording their debut album Soft Focus which was releasedin the fall of 2021. The project was met with praise from Atwood Magazine, Early Rising, A1234,and We Are the Guard, and was placed on Spotify editorial lists Fresh Finds and Fresh FindsRock, where it spent eight weeks straight.Most recently, Hotel Fiction has supported Beach Fossils, Adam Melchor, flipturn and TheBrooke and The Bluff. The band released their new EP Enjoy Your Stay on October 28, 2022.Supported By:Air DeviAll shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+

Solid Bronze

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Solid Bronze – Groove-based, psychedelicly-tinged, jazz-informed, hazy funk. Hot off the heels of their sophomore album, Mt. Fuji, the six-piece live lineup brings it all to the stage from deep rhythm section grooves to meditative airiness.    The Third Arrangement – In a blend of jazz, funk, rock, and even pop, the sounds range from warm and imaginative to jarring shuffles, which can be heard on their 2019 release Scarecrows up to their newest single “The Look”.   Moustapha Noumbissi -Moustapha grew up a participant of many musical traditions, including West African drumming, American pop, and choral music. His latest recordings with producer Lee Clarke favor indie rock and psychedelic soul.

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