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Puppy Angst

Ages 21 and up
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Wednesday, December 20
Doors: 7pm // Show: 7pm
$12 / Day Of : $15
Puppy Angst

Puppy Angst is a gazy dreamy fuzz pop band from Philadelphia started by Alyssa Milman (guitar, vocals). Alyssa’s songwriting combines raw, diary-like lyricism colored by the biting introspection of adulthood with shoegaze and dream pop influences, resulting in tracks that tell a noisy and unapologetic coming-of-age story. Dan Leinweber (guitar, vocals), John Heywood (bass), and Eric Naroden (drums) round out the rest of the band. As of February 2023, Pauli Mia has joined on synth and backing vocals.

Alyssa previously toured with fellow Philly pop outfit Kississippi, and their past projects include Past Life and Blushed, in which they were a founding member. Dan played lead guitar in Blushed alongside Alyssa, and currently also creates music under his projects Greenspace and Radial Gradient. John plays bass in Alex G, Eric is the frontman of In Lieu of Roses, and Pauli is the frontwoman of Twin Princess.


Creeping Charlie (MN)

Creeping Charlie “makes music for cool older sisters” extending from sublime ballads to indie and punk rock. Comprised of sister duo Julia (lead singer/ guitarist/ songwriter) and Esmé Eubanks (bassist), later incorporating Jack Malone (drums) and Harry Miles of Atomic Cafe (guitar), the band released their debut EP Asymmetrical in May, 2020, and it landed high on the NACC radio chart, tying with iconic acts like Car Seat Headrest and STRFKR. Inspired by the likes of Mazzy Star, Built to Spill, and Nirvana, be prepared to both cry and get sucked into a mosh pit at their shows. 
 Julia Eubanks draws from a broad palette of influences, blending a Patti Smith early punk ethos through a guitar-driven 90’s Seattle pastiche, interweaving sonic experimentation with irresistible hooks. The 10 tracks on How to Kill Creeping Charlie— ranging from quietly reflective to all-out rocking— paint a vivid picture of youth and the alienating times we live in, and how to find redemption. Since its recent origin, the band has taken the Minneapolis music scene by storm. creeping charlie is bigger than the recordings— it’s invasive and everywhere. You may be wondering How to Kill Creeping Charlie; you can’t.


Spirit Weak

If Drug Church, Pup and The Menzingers walked into a bar, Spirit Weak would be the punchline. Spirit Weak is a South Philadelphia punk adjacent band. Before becoming a full fledged band, Spirit Weak was a solo recording project spearheaded by Mazz Cardone , who began booking and playing punk shows in Philadelphia in his early teens.

In March of 2023 Spirit Weak assembled as a full band, and had two months to write a set for their first show. Spirit Weak played their first show on May 16th 2023, with Dead Bars; and they hit the ground running. Since, Spirit Weak has been booked with Off With Their Heads, New Junk City, Dead Bars, Timeshares, Mercy Union, Dosser, Sekunderna, Friend, Froggy, Church Girls, Heavy Lag and many more!


In Lieu of Roses

In Lieu of Roses worked quietly and diligently in Philadelphia from their start in 2019 before releasing their first offering some two years later, a single to prelude their new self-released EP. The single, an organ-led indie blues song called “Side by Side,” dropped in April. That EP, called Please Send, came in June. 2022’s Please Send is largely characterized by that initial blues rock style, with singer/guitarist Eric Naroden stepping between croons and howls akin to Modest Mouse and Bon Iver. Each song on Please Send swings, but also has a heavy indie rock feel and dynamic control that usually only acts with many years behind them can create. A year later, In Lieu Of Roses returns with For Eternity, another self-released EP designed to show a different side of the group.

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