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Jared Mattson presents PEANUT

Jared 386061682809002
Wednesday, June 07
Doors: 7pm // Show: 7pm
$10 / Day Of : $12

“Sounds like a lost 1980s preppy soul cassette fished out from the bottom of a lake, complete with cod-reggae number – and one song in Japanese…” – @uncut_magazine

@jaredmattsonmusic (aka @themattson2) presents “PEANUT”: a record release show on June 7, 2023 / Record dropping via @chaz.wick label @company.records

Jared Mattson – Guitar, Vocals
@tanukichanmusic – Bass
@joe._.lyle – Drums, Vocals

EXPO is the collaborative project between Philadelphia-based musicians Dave McGrory (Tangled Up, Grace Vonderkuhn), Russ Israel (russy, Rew), and Tyler Yoder (Milieu Lust, High Reeper, Cosmic Guilt). While McGrory, Israel, and Yoder have all played in others’ and each others’ projects previously, EXPO marks the start of something particularly salient for the three… It is the embodiment of a distinct and true collaboration between the three members – one in which they are free to musically explore, challenge, and to indulge in their wildest impulses and excesses, unbound by the constraints of classic song forms or aesthetics. The resulting self-titled EP, out on June 2nd via Brooklyn-based label Window Sill, can best be described as garage-psych-epics-for-kids-who-like-to-club. Throughout the EP’s four tracks, the trio seamlessly weaves sample-based disco grooves with post-punk chugging and fuzzed out guitar explorations, all the while with McGrory’s fierce and cutting vocal howl leading the charge… It’s a thrill ride of sonic maximalism – one that encapsulates the joy, inspiration, and most importantly, the sheer exhilaration, of three friends cutting loose.

Johnny Dynamite
Johnny Dynamite is a singer, songwriter, producer based in NYC/Philly, and is backed by his band “The Bloodsuckers”. His music is characterized by its moody, melodic sound and unconventional production style. He gained popularity through the DIY music scene in New York and has since amassed a dedicated fanbase. As a lyricist and vocalist, Dynamite is known for his emotional and introspective delivery. He released his debut album “Heartbroken” in 2020, followed by “Sleeveless” in 2021, which helped him gain recognition in the post-punk community worldwide.

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