LOVE CLUB with Alex Delany & Constantine Giavos

LOVE CLUB WITH ALEX DELANY AND CONSTANTINE GIAVOS LOVE CLUB, a party birthed on the Bowery in New York comes to Philadelphia! A non-stop dance spectacle of past and future, Alex Delany & Constantine Giavos spin disco and beyond, conjuring up those ‘4 in the morning’ moments of party euphoria with floor-frying forgotten gems, rock n’ roll swank and exclusive edits. Love Club is a kaleidoscopic blend of heavy grooves from the vast reaches- an expanse of synthed out disco psychedelia to the downtown funk of Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage. Primed and ready to send you off-world to a strange yet familiar place of feel good, immersive dance music.  ALL DJ EVENTS AT THE DOLPHIN TAVERN ARE 21+, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Jonathan Toubin’s NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance Off Party!

JONATHAN TOUBIN’S NY NIGHT TRAIN SOUL CLAP & DANCE OFF PARTY W/ SPECIAL GUEST JUDGE EDDIE B. GIEDA III AND PERFORMANCE BY THE OUT-SECTTurning up hundreds of times on five continents since 2007, New York Night Train’s SOUL CLAP AND DANCE-OFF is 21st Century’s most popular soul party and 45 party – playing to more people in more places than any other. The concept is simple – all night dancing to the exciting and exquisite 1960s soul vinyl of world famous 45rpm rock and soul DJ Jonathan Toubin and, in the middle, a short dance contest determined by a community panel of judges.THE OUT-SECT The members of The Out-Sect all met while living in a Philadelphia junkyard. On weekends, they would gather to drink beers inside a broken down 1982 GMC Caballero with a copy of Back From The Grave stuck in the car’s cassette player. Instantly being drawn to the trashy sounds of those pimple-faced mid-60s punks, they figured they could write a song half as good as any of them. And that’s just what they did! Using instruments they, quite literally, found in the trash, the band has managed to write a handful of deranged “songs” that will leave you asking yourself “What is that smell?” and “Dear god, can they just stop playing!?”ALL EVENTS AT THE DOLPHIN TAVERN ARE 21+, NO EXCEPTIONS

Pierre Kwenders

PIERRE KWENDERSSinging and rapping in Lingala, French, English, Tshiluba, and Kikongo, Pierre Kwenders similarly weaves his stories across the boundaries of language and geography. José Louis and the Paradox of Love is a culmination of personal growth and the musical dexterity he has honed over the years, converging his strong songwriting capabilities with the bravado he possesses as a DJ. The album, which was awarded the prestigious Polaris Music Prize, explores an ongoing search to grasp the universal complexities of romance, sometimes through the lens of Kwenders’ own intimate experiences.ALL SHOWS AT DOLPHIN TAVERN ARE 21+, NO EXCEPTIONS.