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Hotel Fiction

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Hotel Fiction:Hotel Fiction is an Athens, Georgia-based band comprised of Jade Long and JessicaThompson. Both women have been playing music for over ten years and began writing,performing, and playing together in January 2019. In August of that year, Hotel Fiction releasedtheir debut single “Astronaut Kids” which received a warm welcome from the indie scene, andwent on to amass over 2 million global streams.Hotel Fiction’s sound has often been described as genre-fluid, with indie, pop and rockinfluences. With Jade’s dynamic vocals and piano, and Jessica’s complementary lead guitar andharmonies, the two create a sound that invites listeners to settle in and stay a while. For HotelFiction, the no vacancy sign is never illuminated, everyone is accommodated here.During quarantine, the two finished recording their debut album Soft Focus which was releasedin the fall of 2021. The project was met with praise from Atwood Magazine, Early Rising, A1234,and We Are the Guard, and was placed on Spotify editorial lists Fresh Finds and Fresh FindsRock, where it spent eight weeks straight.Most recently, Hotel Fiction has supported Beach Fossils, Adam Melchor, flipturn and TheBrooke and The Bluff. The band released their new EP Enjoy Your Stay on October 28, 2022.Supported By:Air DeviAll shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+

Solid Bronze

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Solid Bronze – Groove-based, psychedelicly-tinged, jazz-informed, hazy funk. Hot off the heels of their sophomore album, Mt. Fuji, the six-piece live lineup brings it all to the stage from deep rhythm section grooves to meditative airiness.    The Third Arrangement – In a blend of jazz, funk, rock, and even pop, the sounds range from warm and imaginative to jarring shuffles, which can be heard on their 2019 release Scarecrows up to their newest single “The Look”.   Moustapha Noumbissi -Moustapha grew up a participant of many musical traditions, including West African drumming, American pop, and choral music. His latest recordings with producer Lee Clarke favor indie rock and psychedelic soul.

Sweet Juice Fundraiser

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Sweet Juice Fundraiser Presents:Popcorn DaddyjustmadniceThe Lunar Yearhosted by: Sug Daniels The Lunar Year The Lunar Year is the art rock project of Philadelphia based musician and producer Katie Hackett. She has released two full length albums (Herodias, 2017) (katie bird, 2020) and in September 2022 released single Mist of the Teal Mara in anticipation of her new record, due out later this year. The band has gone on two U.S. tours (East and West Coast) and will be embarking on their third at the end of March 2023. Hackett has also scored for film, being featured at the London International Animation Festival, Viet Film Fest, and MAM Festival. Her songs have been featured on comedian Chris Gethard’s New Jersey is the World, MTV’s Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. justmadnice justmadnice is a Philadelphia based ensemble fronted by Alex Far. Collectively described as blues-dipped psychedelic jazz, Farr’s vocals are reminiscent of Lianne La Havas and Billie Holiday. Originally a solo project, their debut EP, Small, was released in 2021 followed by a music video for their song “Lost,” a handful of live recording sessions, and their single “Resolution” released in 2022. From minimalist, delicate, folk tunes to a stage performance that will shake you to your soul, justmadnice is entering into an era of experimental sound. While still holding onto their love of minimalism, they are clearly influenced by elements of noise, psychedelic rock, and negro spirituals. Popcorn Daddy Popcorn Daddy is a pop-folk duo created by Melina Harris and Shona Carr. With an immense appreciation for harmony, these two artists mix earnest, vulnerable songwriting with tongue in cheek social commentary to develop musical performances that are both deep and whimsical. Through their engaging and catchy tunes, Popcorn Daddy aims to share the chemistry and passion of their friendship – or their ‘poppity-pop’ as they like to call it – with audiences everywhere.   Sug Daniels (host) Sug Daniels is a Delaware born singer-songwriter and producer based out of Philadelphia who is using the tools around her to capture the emotions of an era. Daniels’ work is as colorful, vulnerable, and charismatic as her personality. She thoughtfully combines elements of folk, R&B, and soul  alternatives to create personal and tender music interlaced with messages of truth and positive change.

Dead Bars

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Dead Bars Seattle, WA A-F Records/Dirt Cult Records DIY…but can you help? Two New Jersey drummers meet in Seattle; magic occurs. Neither (usually) plays drums. A Tom Petty riff over an Iron Chic chorus, where everyone is a regular. This one is for the freaks.   Spirit Weak Philly Mazz Cardxne & comrades emerge from quarantine disarrary with gruff, anthemtic pop-punk   Olivine Philly Four-Person post-hardcore band. Established 2019, realized 2022. “I am trying my absolute best.”All Shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+

Crossed Keys

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CROSSED KEYS Full-length record BELIEVES IN YOU out now!   Chances are, if you’ve been paying attention to the Philadelphia underground music scene in the past two decades, you’ve seen one or two members of Crossed Keys before, although it’s very likely that you’ve seen them all. The members of Crossed Keys have a long history of playing in hardcore and punk bands from the area including Kid Dynamite, Ink & Dagger, Step Ahead, Kill The Man Who Questions, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, Halo of Snakes, and The Curse. Crossed Keys draw from an eclectic palette of influences to create a unique twist on a sound that has been cultured in years of basement shows and record shops. Crossed Keys has gotten a lot older, a little wiser, and lost varying amounts of hair, but still makes music perfect for sweaty singalongs and all around good time.   KATIE ARROSA Katie is a Philadelphia-based writer and comedian. You might have seen her last year at Fest 20 as one of the comedy hosts!   REVELATOURS Revelatours are four friends from Philly playing fast songs!   ERRTH Errth is a new band featuring current and former members of Aspiga, Public Serpents, Reunions, and Seeing Snakes.All shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+

Scan & Dan

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Dan Finnemore, one of the two founding members and original songwriters for Low Cut Connie, is returning to the US after 7 years back home in Birmingham, England. Finnemore is joined by his two old tourmates James Everhart (Cosmic Guilt and Scantron) and Will Donnelly (Low Cut Connie, Scantron, Lady HD) and an all-star band composed of members of Philly buzz band, Cosmic Guilt. Expect a night of pure garage rock versions of Finnemore, Scantron, and Cosmic Guilt songs as well as a deep selection of covers. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. All shows at Dolphin Tavern are 21+

GIFT & Hooveriii

GIFT Surprise—psychedelic Brooklyn, NY quintet GIFT unwrap what Rolling Stone calls “a portal to another dimension” on their debut album, Momentary Presence, out October 14, 2022.   On GIFT’S kaleidoscopic debut, bandleader TJ Freda & co. uncap the lens to project their vibrant spectrum of psych, krautrock, dream pop, post-punk, noise rock and electronica upon the vacant surfaces of the mind—inviting listeners to, in the words of countercultural guru Ram Dass, “be here now.”   “[It’s about] being with yourself, not by yourself,” says Freda. “You are never alone. You are always with yourself.”    Momentary Presence exists, and that’s enough. There is no beginning and no end. From the percolating, in medias res intro of album opener “When You Feel It Come Around” through the swirling, gliding and expansive conclusion of “Here And Now (Time Floats By),” GIFT retains the element of cosmic surprise.   Treat yourself to Momentary Presence at finer record stores and streaming apps on October 14, 2022—only on Dedstrange.HooveriiiLos Angeles psych-rock Hooveriii (pronounced “Hoover Three”) shares first take of the album by way of A Round Of Applause’s opening track, “See.” The band’s Bert Hoover notes, ” “See’  is about trying not to take life for granted. Some things are easier said than done. It’s our first song to feature Anna Wallace singing along with us and it came together rather seamlessly. It was a pretty bare bones jangle jam until the band filled it with ear candy.”Though created in large part by founder Bert Hoover, Hooveriii has grown to include Gabe Flores (lead guitar and vocals), Kaz Mirblouk (bass and synths), James Novick (synths), and Owen Barrett (drums).Hooveriii derived the album title from the late-80’s Roky Erickson song “Click Your Finger Applauding the Play.” “That’s too much of a mouthful,” Hoover qualified. “My title, A Round of Applause, just came one day, and we were like, ‘Yo, that sound like a Gentle Giant record.’ “ALL SHOWS AT DOLPHIN TAVERN ARE 21+, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Bass Drum of Death

BASS DRUM OF DEATH The point of an odyssey is to return home changed—still the same person, but deepened somehow, wiser and better, wearing your traveling scars proudly. Bass Drum of Death’s new album Say I Won’t is the end result of a journey that took singer and bandleader John Barrett from a small town in Mississippi and sent him across the world and back home again. The music still rips, with blown-out guitars and drums that sound like bombs going off, and the melodies are catchier than ever, hollered in Barrett’s trademark yelp. But the music hits differently now, more at peace with itself, propelled by a new swagger. Say I Won’t is the record of a veteran band finding its stride and leaning into it, stripping back the excess and finding the raw core of their sound.   Say I Won’t, the band’s fifth record, comes at a time of massive change for Barrett, having relocated from New York to his hometown of Oxford, Mississippi during the pandemic. The record is also a homecoming of a different sort, with the band rejoining the ranks of Fat Possum, also in Oxford, the label that released their first record GB City in 2011.   “Moving back to Oxford was a much-needed reset,” says Barrett. “When I started, I just wanted to play in a punk band and drink beers and travel around. I didn’t really think much past that. And I got really burned out. When I moved back home, I started writing songs again, just for fun. I realized I wanted this record to have more of a hometown feel. The switch back to Fat Possum was easy. It’s much better working with people I know and love and love everything they do.”DEAD TOOTH After an early stint drumming and singing in Haybaby (Tiny Engines), Zach James began writing and self-producing folk records in his bedroom, donning the name The Silver Spaceman.  The project evolved into a post-punk band featuring Andrew Bailey (DIIV) on lead guitar. It snarled and simmered around darker texåtures, miles away from its early folk routes. James looked to his darkened smile and rechristened the project Dead Tooth. They gained momentum opening for bands like Hand Habbits, The Space Lady and Current Joys. After recording their second EP entitled Pig Pile, the pandemic disembodied the band as it did so many others. Sad, yet ambitious to keep the momentum going and release the EP, James rebuilt the project from the ground up. He added an EWI/Sax player and relinquished his own live guitar duties for a frontman stage persona. The new crew was quickly picked up by Rough Trade Publishing and Trash Casual Records. Shortly after, they went on to win OWL Winter Madness (a 16 band, 5 week long “battle of the bands” at Brooklyn’s legendary rooftop venue Our Wicked Lady). They then found themselves playing SPIN Magazine’s SXSW showcase alongside The Lemonheads, Bass Drum of Death and Pom Pom Squad. SPIN wrote of SXSW, “If there was someone who really broke out…it was Brooklyn’s Dead Tooth.” The band also became a large point of focus at Savannah Stopover where the local paper printed 33 photos of the festival, 18 of which were Dead Tooth. ALL SHOWS AT CONCOURSE LIVE ARE 21+, NO EXCEPTIONS

Spike Hellis

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DJ BABY BERLIN & OVER POP PRESENTS: 21+   SPIKE HELLIS (LOS ANGELES) VOID VISION (PHILADELPHIA)THE IRE (PHILADELPHIA) DJ BABY BERLIN (PHILADELPHIA)   SPIKE HELLIS: Los Angeles based electronic duo Spike Hellis comprises of Cortland Gibson and Lainey, who got their start on Halloween of 2019. They self-released their first full-length, self-titled album in April 2022, under their imprint Over-Pop. The album chaotically shifts pace back and forth; the songs running into one another with no time in-between. The record opens with “Control (Rage)”, a layered, firm-handshake body-music track designed to hijack the amygdala. The kick drum resembles the steady flash of a panic button. You press it, but nothing happens—no relief. The irregular placement of snare matches Chang’s cries of dysregulation, spiraling red-eyed after having lost command asking, “Will I regain control?” While presented as a song of despair, optimism and determination shine through in the final line as the question is taken back and turned into a statement, “Watch me regain control”. This is a theme that permeates throughout the album: Taking challenging times of despair and coming through the other end with hope and optimism. Spike Hellis (S/T) was made with the intention to feel jolting. Techno-tinged “Flight” is an SH-101 track wherein lyrical instructions for escaping a dream are chanted over the iconic rubber band sound, with the claps paying homage to Charlie’s “Spacer Woman”. “Slices” is the funky first single which leads into its supplementary counterpart, “Stitches”. Footsteps grow louder until it opens into a dark waltz. Samples of William S. Burroughs cackling ring out over Emulator arpeggios until we arrive at “Teardrops (Kisses)”. While it is perhaps the most light-hearted track on the album sonically, themes of social punishment and isolation push through the surface to reveal conflict at its core. Chang and Gibson trade off cries of shame and humiliation while distorted synths, swirling in polyrhythms, close out Side A.Since finishing the album, Spike Hellis has hit the road hard with zero hesitation—completing two full US tours and a handful of smaller runs within the span of one year. Blasting their bleak outlook and spreading their gospel of disenchantment and sarcasm, Spike Hellis announces their arrival.   VOID VISION: Void Vision is the electronic solo project of Philadelphia-based musician, Shari Vari, formed around 2009 when the minimal synth and coldwave genres were undergoing a revival and rebirth thanks to labels such as Wierd Records (home to acts such as Xeno & Oaklander, Led Er Est, Martial Canterel, Automelodi, etc.) and Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave, among others. Void Vision’s cold, analog tracks are dominated by Vari’s haunting, powerful voice. But unlike many others associated with the genre, the songs are quite dynamic in range and structure, referencing a cross-section of the last 30 years of electronic music, while retaining a strong sense of personality and soul that speaks for itself.    DJ BABY BERLIN: Philly/NYC DJ/Booker/Streamer who is the purveyor of all things alternative and is known for her monthly dark 80s Dance Party A BLACK CELEBRATION. She will kick off the show with a set and is the host of this show.

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